Mastering Skills Membership
Mastering Skills Membership
Mastering Skills Membership
Mastering Skills Membership

Mastering Skills Membership

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SIgn-up for a year's membership, and each month WoodenBoat School Director Rich Hilsinger hosts a new video episode you can stream from the comfort of your home.

The series will cover a variety of topics pertaining to traditional small boat construction and crafts, featuring boatbuilders Greg Rossel, Milo Stanley, and Eric Dow.

Throughout the year Rich and company will bring you helpful tips, techniques, and various approaches to building a small wooden boat with your own hands, as well as other woodworking projects. Runtimes are approximately 30 to 60 minutes. 

So sign-up today, and have immediate access! 


- Order only 1 membership per person, per order.

- If you want to order a gift, be sure you use the recipient email in the account, not yours. 

- If you use PayPal or Google Pay, you'll want to be sure those accounts have the same email associated with them which you are using for your login. 

Customer Reviews

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Episodes 1-6

1). TY! re "Mastering Skills" videos; they cement my earlier classes' attended, obtained knowledge/wisdom, especially re "building the stations' molds."
2). The "garbage can lids" for the "curves" used in "backing out" are very helpful re "3-4"; however what is the "radius" for curves "1-2?"
3). I remember these classes' data quite well, esp. when spoken/shown by Greg/Rich as in these videos.
4) TY! re Episode 6's "sharpening of tools" information, a weak point in my life, re "lesser vocational knowledge/wisdom," as a Psychiatrist/Physician, seemingly more important later in life.

Franco Passaro
Partial Review n.1

Up to now quite interesting and clear: however as I am not native english speaking, I WOULD APPRECIATE SUBTITLES. Thank-you

Hi Franco
Thanks for the review. Check your email for a screenshot showing both the English and Italian transcription of a bit from episode 6.

I did this via the free via Google Translate app on my phone. 

Play the video, and use the microphone feature in the app. It records it in English, and then gives you the text in Italian (or whatever language you'd like). 

AND, if you want to listen instead of read (very handy for the visually impaired) use the Conversation feature in the app. It converts simultaneously.


Ciao Franco
Grazie per la recensione. Controlla la tua email per uno screenshot che mostri la trascrizione sia in inglese che in italiano di un po' dell'episodio 6.

L'ho fatto tramite l'app gratuita tramite Google Translate sul mio telefono.

Riproduci il video e usa la funzione microfono nell'app. Lo registra in inglese e poi ti fornisce il testo in italiano (o qualsiasi altra lingua desideri).

E, se vuoi ascoltare invece di leggere (molto utile per i non vedenti), usa la funzione Conversazione nell'app. Si converte contemporaneamente.


Rollin Thurlow

Are all the wooden boat builders in Maine that good looking?


Every single one... even CANOE builders. Granted, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Stephan Laaks
I am really happy to be here - so Thank You All over there!

For so many years I have tried to manage to get (back) to the US / this time to Maine and do 1 or 2 courses @ the WBSchool. It never worked out. Time, money, work, family affairs ...
And now here is Mastering Skills, the online WoodenBoatSchool, affordable for everyone & with all the crew I have read so much about in the Magazine and the books from Greg, Iain, the WB Series ... Thank You All so much for making this possible!
Please keep it going - best wishes from Germany

Steven Mishkind
Masters of the Universe

This series is fantastic. I have taken multiple courses at WoodenBoat School, and yet I find these videos incredibly compelling. Greg is top shelf for sure, and Rich’s narration is right on. I could not stop watching. Thank you!