Membership Details and other Bits

Memberships are for a year (365 days, not a calendar year), which includes 12 episodes, a new one each month. Episodes run from approximately 30 to 60 minutes. 
New accounts are activated immediately. When you complete your order, go to "View Now" to begin watching. You will also receive an email confirmation which has a link to the site. You have access for 1 year with your membership, so you can watch as many times as you wish during that time. And, seasons are cumulative... when you sign-up for  Season 2 in 2022, you have access to Season 1 as well. 
You must have an email account to create a login/account, and you will create a password. For your safety, logins / passwords from other WoodenBoat sites (like our Store, WoodenBoat subscriptions, etc) will not carry over.
Videos are viewed on-line, and are not downloadable. 
It's easy to become a member:
  • Add the Mastering Skills Membership to your cart
  • Create an account using your name, email address and create a password
  • Please use the same email acct that is tied to your PayPal, Google Pay, etc
  • Add billing address
  • Complete payment 
  • Go to "View Now" on the home page to start watching


- Order only 1 membership per person, per order.

- Watch episodes over and over, you have access while your membership is active.

- If you want to order a gift, be sure you use the recipient email in the account, not yours. 

- If you use PayPal or Google Pay, you'll want to be sure those accounts have the same email associated with them which you are using for your login. 



When you are logged into your account, you can click the Account link near the upper right to see when you signed up. Tip: wait til that 365 days has passed to get the most of the upcoming 365 days. Go to the JOIN NOW page, and add a membership to your cart. 

Money-back, guaranteed. Not everything is for everyone. We get that. If you are not completely satisfied, cancel your membership and request your refund. And, just like our magazine, WoodenBoat, you will be refunded for the "unserved" issues. So, if you cancelled after the first 6 episodes, you'd get a 50% refund. 
Membership services for "Mastering Skills with the WoodenBoat School" are handled right here in beautiful downtown Brooklin, Maine, by our WoodenBoat Store staff. Contact us anytime via, or call 1.800.273.7447 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, -5GMT) if you have questions. We respond quite timely.
WoodenBoat School (in-person) Course Questions, Registration, Video topic requests: Eric or Kim, 207.359.4651,
To place other subscription orders: 
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Questions about your WB mag sub: 1.800.877.5284 Mon-Thurs 9:00am-5:30pm, and Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm, eastern, so -5 GMT. Or you can email:
If you are a "self-service" kind of person, and don't recall your subscription account number (nobody should remember THAT) click FIND ACCOUNT NUMBER.  That takes you to the sub page options. Select the last item on the left, Find Account Number. All you need is your last name, street number (just the number) and zip code. Armed with that, you can look at your account history, change your address, renew, give a gift sub, and more. 
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