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Give the Gift of Skill!

A half model captures a hull’s design in three dimensions. In fact, the boat-design process was once almost always begun with a half model that was tweaked and tuned, and then measured to create scale drawings. Indeed, some designers still begin with a carved model.

For the student boatbuilder, a half-hull model is both a practical way to enjoy woodworking with limited time, tools, space, and materials, and a tangible way to grasp the intricacies of boat plans. A well-done half model records a hull’s shape and reveals the character of a boat at a scale that can be admired at a glance and appreciated for a lifetime. Half models are not only time-honored design tools, but also fine decorative art.

In the upcoming episodes of our Mastering Skills video classes, boatbuilder Eric Dow explains the tools, techniques, and materials for half-model making from lines plans. And he walks students through the intricacies of the modeling process, helping them develop the skill required to create an heirloom-quality half model while gaining a deep understanding of lines plans and hand tools.

Episode 11 Preview:

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